Puggle Play - Babies

Puggle Play - Babies

This program runs in the school Term for 8 weeks. You can enroll for the whole term of Puggle Play, or for flexibility you can purchase a single session each week…we understand that life can sometimes be unpredictable! Remember new discover is fun.


Puggle Play is an 8 week term.

Term 1: Monday & Thursday

Term 2: Monday

Term 3: Thursday

Term 4: Monday & Thursday

Time: 10am



$12.00 per session for child only plus park entry for adults (adults become a Cleland member and receive unlimited entry all year round!)

Book online now

If you are looking to book multiple sessions contact us on 7424 5800 or email clelandwildlifepark@sa.gov.au

Hot weather:

Puggle Play will still commence in the hot weather, however will be adapted to accommodate the heat. If the temperature is over 37 degrees, the session will be held indoors.

On days of catastrophic fire danger all sessions will be cancelled and park will be closed.

Rainy weather:

Puggle Play will still commence on rainy days, sessions will be held indoors.

If session are cancelled due to extreme weather or COVID-19, you will be emailed by the Children’s Program Coordinator.

Puggle Play Terms:

Term 1

Week 1: Terrific Textures

Week 2: Roly Poly

Week 3: Under the Sea

Week 4: wiggly Worms

Week 5: See the Sounds

Week 6: The Beautiful Rainbow Lorikeet

Week 7: Who made that smell?

Week 8: Beach Day

Term 2

Week 1: Messy Monsters

Week 2: Natures amazing sounds and smells

Week 3: Nocturnal Bush Babies

Week 4: Slippery, Swish

Week 5: Colours of the Rainbow

Week 6: Animal movement and sounds

Week 7: Smoosh, Whoosh, Push

Week 8: Light and Shade

Term 3

Week 1: Sounds of Nature

Week 2: Seek and Find

Week 3: Under the Sky

Week 4: Spiders Web Discovery

Week 5: Peek-a-boo animal who?

Week 6: Exploring texture in nature

Week 7: Emotions

Week 8: Wicked Wobbly Worms

Term 4

Week 1: The Imagination Tree

Week 2: Push and Pull Puggle

Week 3: Colourful Birds

Week 4: Water Play Hooray!

Week 5: What’s that sounds?

Week 6: Day and Night

Week 7: Beautiful Flowers

Week 8: Mud makes many things