ZAA Accreditation

ZAA Accreditation

We're champions for animal welfare, with the accreditation to prove it.

What is ZAA Accreditation and why should it matter to you?

The Five Domains Model is a cornerstone of the ZAA Accreditation Program, recognising zoos and aquariums (and wildlife parks like us!) that demonstrate a steadfast commitment to positive animal welfare. Through specialised training and guidance, the accreditation encourages thoughtful consideration of an animals' well-being and encourages ongoing enhancements in care.

While legal standards set the baseline for animal welfare, the ZAA Accreditation Program aims higher, focusing on the quality-of-life animals experience. It challenges institutions to ensure each animal leads a fulfilling life, enriched with positive experiences.

Those with ZAA accreditation are held to the highest standards of excellence. Regular assessments conducted every three years ensure we continue to meet the criteria for accreditation.

The journey to accreditation

Achieving ZAA Accreditation isn't a walk in the park. It's a rigorous process that looks at everything from how happy and healthy our animals are, to our contribution to conserving their wild counterparts. Receiving our accreditation reflects our unwavering commitment to being a force for good.

Why your visit matters

Every time you visit Cleland Wildlife Park, you're doing more than just enjoying a day out; you're playing a crucial role in our conservation journey. Since 1967, we've been forging connections between our visitors and Australian animals, and your support is vital in sustaining these efforts.

Through initiatives like our partnership with Koala Life, aiming to secure the survival of the koala for Australia to the educational experiences we provide for thousands of students every year, your visit has a lasting impact.

ZAA accreditation is a significant achievement for Cleland Wildlife Park, but our good work doesn’t end there.

Our team are highly skilled, dedicated to a forward-thinking, evidence-based approach to looking after our animals. As we gain new insights from ongoing research, we’re continually evolving and enhancing our practices to ensure the highest standards of welfare for our animals.

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