Bush Buddies

Bush Buddies

Join us this term for Bush Buddies – our pre-school education program aimed at 2 to 4 year olds.

Each week children will explore a different Australian animal through storytelling, music, interactive and sensory learning experiences, while exploring the park.

Kids will find out more about possums to lorikeets, as well as some of our more famous residents. You will also learn which animals to look for on a rainy day, how to identify those sounds in your garden, and which of our animals have the brightest colours and the smoothest skin.

Your little nature lover will spend 45 minutes with our fully qualified educator and while younger children are welcome to attend, please note some activities may not be suited for children under 2 years.


  • Monday 11 am
  • Tuesday 10 am
  • Thursday 11am
  • Friday 10 am


$11.00 per session plus park entry (become a Cleland member and receive unlimited entry all year round!)

Book online now

For multiple bookings, call 8339 2444 or 8130 9016

Hot weather:

  • Bush Buddies will still commence in the hot weather, however will be adapted to accommodate the heat. If the temperature is over 37 degrees, the session will be held indoors.
  • On days of catastrophic fire danger all sessions will be cancelled and park will be closed.

Rainy weather:

  • Bush Buddies will still commence on rainy days, sessions will be held indoors.

If session are cancelled due to extreme weather or COVID-19, you will be emailed by the Children’s Program Coordinator.

Book online now

Bush Buddies 2024

Term 1 (commencing Monday the 29th January 2024)
Week 1: Amazing Echidnas
Week 2: Scaly Friends
Week 3: Kookaburras and Lorikeets
Week 4: Insects and their many legs
Week 5: Give me a home among the gumtrees
Week 6: Curious life cycles
Week 7: Terrific Tasmanian Devil
Week 8: Mission Survive
Week 9: Wicked Wombats
Week 10: Egg Life

Term 2 (commencing Monday the 29th April 2024)
Week 1: Lazy Lizards
Week 2: Enormous Emus
Week 3: Spiders
Week 4: Kind Koalas
Week 5: Cockatoos – Where are you?
Week 6: Cool Crocs – Carnivores
Week 7: Rare Rock Wallabies
Week 8: Amazing Australia
Week 9: Pelicans and Cormorants
Week 10: What’s that noise?

Term 3 (commencing Monday the 22nd July 2024)
Week 1: Wild Wombats
Week 2: Whose eggs are they?
Week 3: Turtles are reptiles to!
Week 4: Rainy Days
Week 5: Jumping Kangaroos
Week 6: Flowers and Seeds
Week 7: Busy Bugs
Week 8: Delightful Ducks
Week 9: Bandicoots/Potoroos
Week 10: Possum Play

Term 4 (commencing Monday the 14th October 2024)

Week 1: Colourful Birds
Week 2: Nest Galore
Week 3: Echidna
Week 4: Wonderful Trees
Week 5: Fantastic Frogs
Week 6: What’s that noise?
Week 7: Water bugs
Week 8: Koalas
Week 9: Slithery snakes
Week 10: Animal Tracks (extra week to term Christmas craft)