Early years (Kindergarten – Year 2)

Early years education programs encourage hands on interactions and multisensory learning.

Animal allsorts

Explore the diversity of Australian native animals and some of the animal groups they belong to.

Themes: biodiversity and sustainability

Key messages:

  • animals have a variety of external features
  • animals can be classified into different groups according to their features
  • movement of living things depends on their size and shape
  • animals are supported by natural environments
  • animals possess particular features to help them meet their needs for survival
  • native animals live in a wide range of habitats
  • you can care for the environments that support our animals.

Sharing our world

Discover some of the amazing Australian animals that share our home and school environment.

Themes: conservation, biodiversity and sustainability

Key messages:

  • people, animals and the environment are all connected
  • living things live in different places where their needs are met.
  • living things including us, have basic needs such as food, shelter and water
  • people use science in their daily lives including caring for their environment and living things
  • you can care for native animals’ homes
  • we can all respect and care for the environment

The cycles of life

Investigate the life cycles of some of our fascinating Australian animals.

Themes: conservation and biodiversity

Key messages:

  • all living things grow, change and go through a life cycle process
  • there are many different characteristics of lifecycles
  • living things go through different stages of the life cycle as they grow and have predictable characteristics at different stages of development
  • we can care for the environments that support our animals.

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