Reptile Hold

Reptile Hold

Embrace a unique connection and come face-to-face with Australia's iconic reptiles.

Our reptile hold is your chance to get up-close and personal with some of Australia's most iconic snakes and lizards.

You’ll have the chance to spend time with a Cleland keeper while you meet and hold a snake or lizard, observing its unique features and discovering the essential roles reptiles play in our environment.

From controlling pests to balancing ecosystems, these scaly wonders are true heroes in the animal kingdom!

Nestled within the scenic Adelaide Hills, Cleland offers a gateway to South Australia's natural environment, providing visitors with an array of experiences ranging from up-close animal encounters to educational guided tours.

Whether you're a family, a nature enthusiast, or just curious, Cleland's the place to connect with nature, learn, and create lasting memories.

Why stop at one adventure? Discover our full range of exciting experiences right here.

We know that sometimes reptiles might evoke mixed feelings and our team is dedicated to making this encounter a safe and enjoyable one.

Available every day at 12pm, you'll also walk away with a professional souvenir photo to remember your experience.

Book nowandmake a new scaly friend at Cleland!