Cockatoo Experience

Cockatoo Experience

Ready for an adventure that will leave you chirping with delight?

Available every day, our Cockatoo Experience gives you the chance to meet with our friendly feathered creatures in this interactive session.

They love the attention, and you'll love the unforgettable memories you'll make during your encounter.

Step inside the enclosure where a friendly cockatoo may land on you, spending time on your arms and shoulders while feeding from your hand.

Our passionate keepers will share insights into the ecology of cockatoos. You'll discover the challenges and pressures they face in the wild, and how we can all play a role in protecting their precious habitats.

All the birds in our Cockatoo Aviary are rescued or rehabilitated animals who have bonded closely with humans. They’re birds that cannot be released back into the wild and have found a forever home with us.

Nestled within the scenic Adelaide Hills, Cleland offers a gateway to South Australia's natural environment, providing visitors with an array of experiences ranging from up-close animal encounters to educational guided tours.

Whether you're a family, a nature enthusiast, or just curious, Cleland's the place to connect with nature, learn, and create lasting memories.

Why stop at one adventure? Discover our full range of exciting experiences right here.

Bring your family, friends, or even fly solo to the Cockatoo Experience at 11am every day.

Book your spot now and spread your wings at Cleland.

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