Bush Buddies

Join us this term for Bush Buddies – our pre-school education program aimed at 2-4 year olds.

Each week children will explore a different Australian animal through storytelling, music, interactive and sensory learning experiences, while exploring the park.

Kids will find out more about possums to lorikeets, as well as some of our more famous residents. You will also learn which animals to look for on a rainy day, how to identify those sounds in your garden, and which of our animals have the brightest colours and the smoothest skin.

Your little nature lover will spend 45 minutes with our fully qualified educator and while younger children are welcome to attend, please note some activities may not be suited for children under 2 years.


Monday 11am (starting the 2nd of November!)

Tuesday 10am

Friday 10am

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Cost: $8 per session + park entry (become a Cleland member and receive unlimited entry all year round!)

Hot weather:

  • Bush Buddies will still commence in the hot weather, however will be adapted to accommodate the heat.  If the weather is over 370 the session will be held indoors.
  • Days of catastrophic fire danger all sessions will be cancelled and park will be closed.

Rainy weather:

  • Bush Buddies will still commence on rainy days, sessions will be held indoors.

If session are cancelled due to extreme weather or COVID-19 you will be emailed by the children’s program coordinator. 

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Terms and Conditions

  • Bookings recommended and available upon arrival. Keep in mind sessions have a maximum group size of 14 children.
  • Sessions are $8 per child
  • Park entry is required (this is a great opportunity to become a Cleland Member and receive unlimited entry).
  • Park entry for under 4 years of age are free.
  • Duration 45 minutes
  • Sessions will commence and conclude at the designated time.
  • Suitable for 2-4 years, although younger children can attend, just note some activities may not be suited for children under 2 years.
  • Refunds not available, however we can reschedule if you contact us before the booked session.
  • Cancellations by Cleland Wildlife Park may occur due to extreme weather, or other conditions, outside of the park’s control. You will be notified if this is to occur and will be invited to reschedule or be refunded in full.  If a Total Fire Ban day is declared, management reserves the right to cancel the tour. We will endeavour to reschedule and ensure you still maintain your booking.  In the event you cannot attend the re-scheduled tour, a full refund will be granted. Management reserve the right to cancel tours, for safety reasons, at any time.

Bush Buddies Term 4










Colourful Birds

Story: Feathers for Phoebe by Rod Clement

Animals come in all different colours and have different body textures. Let’s discover who has the brightest colours.



13th Oct

 16th Oct



 20th Oct

 23rd Oct

Nest galore

Story: Waddle giggle gargle By Pamela Allen

Exploring the different sizes and materials used for nests. This session has a focus on nests and how they are built, using a storytelling and construction approach.



 27th Oct

 30th Oct


Story: Somewhere in Australia by Marcello Pennacchio

This session explores the unique characteristics of echidnas, through sensory activities and exploration of their environments.


2nd Nov

3rd Nov

 6th Nov

Fantastic Frogs

Story: I don’t want to be a frog by Devorah Petty

Let’s learn about frogs and their unique characteristics. We will may even get a chance to meet one of our resident frogs.


9th Nov

 10th Nov

 13th Nov

What’s that noise?

Story: Hooray for Birds by Lucy Cousins

This session focuses on the unusual sounds of our wonderful animals we have here at Cleland such as emus, possums, dingos, curlew, cockatoo, rainbow lorikeet, Tasmanian devil. This session will end at the Woodland aviary, listen to the unusual birds that reside there.


16th Nov

17th Nov

 20th Nov

Water Bugs

Story: The Rainbow Fish by Marcus Pfister

This session will look closely at the unique water bug group. Using sensory learning as a focus, kids will use magnifying glasses and pipettes to get a closer look.


23rd Nov

 24th Nov

27th Nov



Story: Koalas eat gum leaves By Laura Bunting

This session looks at koalas and how different they are to us. Let’s look at our resident koalas. What are they doing?


30th Nov

 1st Dec


 4th Dec


Slithery snakes

Story: I just ate my friend by Heidi McKinnon

This session focuses on reptiles and teaching kids not to approach strange animals in the wild. Snake safety and maybe even meet a resident snake.


7th Dec

8th Dec

 11th Dec

Animal tracks

Story: Kangaroos Hop By Ros Moriarty Balarinji OR Bush Tracks by Ros Moriarty

Let’s have a look at some animal feet and foot prints. Including Emu’s, Koalas, kangaroos, and ducks. Look at the feet and the prints they make.

Note: Kids make Christmas paper using their own hand prints.



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