Animal Feeding Times

Please note this experience is currently on hold.

 Monitoring the eating habits and diets of all of our animals is a very important part of our keeper’s day. What an animal eats is an essential aspect of its biology.

One of our favourite times of the day is feeding our animals. We invite you to join us during these free public feeding times and see what they get up to.

Please note, due to different animal requirements and behaviours, feeding times are guided by daily weather conditions and may change when temperatures reach 37 degrees and above or fall to 20 degrees and below. For further enquiries, please speak with one of our friendly ticket office staff upon arrival.

12.30pm      Lorikeets

  1.30pm      Snakes and Reptiles - please note that this feeding time is on Sundays only

  2.30pm      Dingoes - includes an interactive keeper presentation

  3.00pm      Tasmanian Devils - includes an interactive keeper presentation

 3 .15pm      Lace Monitors – summer months only

If you would like to join our keepers for a more personalised experience, and meet some of our animals up-close, please follow the links below to make a booking:

  8.00am       Breakfast with the Birds

11.00am       Cockatoo Experience

11.30am       Pelican feed and Wetland Walk

12.00pm       Butterfly Experience (available summer months only)

12.00pm       Reptile Hold Experience

12.10pm       Echidna Experience (available summer months only)

  1.30pm       Mini Beast Experience

  2.00pm       Koala Hold 

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