SALA Exhibition - Engage Learn Conserve

SALA at Cleland: Engage Learn Conserve

In conjunction with SALA, Cleland Wildlife Park is showcasing four local artists with an exhibition for the duration of August 2019. “Engage, Learn, Conserve” explores the connection between understanding and valuing nature, environmentalism, and conservation through various visual art mediums.

Our four showcasing artists are:

James L’Oste-Brown: A self-taught artist whose deep passion for the natural environment underpins his artistic creativity. In his preferred medium of watercolour, but also featuring pencil, pen and ink, L’Oste-Brown’s work explores the finer details of nature and focuses on often overlooked aspects of plants and animals.

Kellie Hoffmann: Specialising in animal portraiture, Hoffmann explores through multiple mediums including, but not limited to, oil paints, pastel pencil, watercolours and inks. She aims to capture a life like reflection of not only the physical appearance but the characteristics of her subjects too.

Monique Bound: A 23 year old artist from Blackwood, South Australia. Growing up in the Adelaide Hills, Bound was surrounded by Australian wildlife and has a passion for painting animals and people. Fascinated by expression and movement within acrylic paintings, Bound has been drawn to emulate that through her own work.

Pam Fox has been drawing and painting for most of her life with a passion for portraits. As a member of the Henley and Grange Art Society, she was fortunate enough to receive tutoring from South Australian artist and teacher Trent Duffy. This was over approximately ten years covering all mediums and techniques such as still life and life drawing.

 “Engage, Learn, Conserve” exhibition is available to view free of charge every day of August, 9.30-5pm.


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