Wombat Experience

Come and meet Fred, one of the friendliest wombats in the world.

Wombats are perfectly designed for digging with their short legs, broad feet and sharp claws. They are able to dig extensive burrow systems of over 100m in length and can run at up to 40kph.

Cleland is one of the only places in Australia that guests can have an up close and personal experience with a wombat.

You’ll be able to enter the enclosure and pat, feed and take photos with Fred while our knowledgeable keeper gives a unique insight into this intriguing species.

Health and safety conditions apply to our Wombat experience.

Wombat feeding tours are offered at 11.30am on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Bookings are essential and can be pre booked over the phone on +61 8339 2444 or booked on site. Children must be 8 years or over.  

            Type                                      Price                     
 Per Person $26.00                 

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