Koala hold health and safety conditions

Great News!

Our koalas have fully recovered from their skin condition, and we are excited to announce the koala up-close experience (where you can meet and touch some of the park's friendliest residents, but not hold) is now being held every day between 11am-12 noon and 2pm-4pm.

Cleland Wildlife Park adheres to a strict set of animal welfare requirements, including ones that relate to the holding of koalas. 

Not all of Cleland’s koalas are held by visitors and our large population ensures only the most suitable animals are used for this experience. Each koala is only allowed to be held for a limited amount of time per week and we would never allow a koala to be held unless it was willing to do so. 

We also take the safety of our visitors seriously, which is why there may be height or age limits applied to this experience.

To ensure the wellbeing of our koalas, koala experiences will be cancelled if temperatures are forecast to be 32 degrees and above in Mount Barker. Koala experiences may also be cancelled at any time due to other animal welfare concerns. 

Staff will assess the age and height of children for these experiences for the safety of children. Be aware that koalas can weigh up to 12kg.

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